Most Expensive Baby Items for Pampered Tots

July 29th, 2012 | Parenthood | most expensive, toddlers

Baby Bear

Even the most frugal of parents would probably admit that they splurge and spoil their baby once in a while. But while for most parents that means buying a bigger teddy bear pal or maybe a nice new romper there are some Moms and Dads who see cash as no object when it comes to providing their little darling with the best of everything and fortunately for them there are also plenty of manufactures out there willing to indulge their expensive tastes.

Sometimes though it seems to us mere mortals that the expensive baby products trend has gone a little too far. Here are a few examples of just what we mean:

The 24 Karat Gold Rocking Horse
Lots of older babies and toddlers get their first taste of something equine thanks to a simple rocking horse and the parents of Prince Hisahito of Japan agreed. Their son - who is third in line to become the next Emperor of Japan - was presented with a 24 karat gold rocking horse created by renowned Japanese jewelry designer Ginza Tanaka when he was born in 2006. The horse was valued at around $1.25 million, making it a very expensive addition to the nursery even by Royal standards.

24 Karat Gold Rocking Horse

The $20,000 Crib
Every baby girl is a princess in their parent's eyes but if those parents happen to have $20,000 spare to invest in nursery furniture then she can sleep like one too - Beyonce and Jay-Z did. Now we all know that babies outgrow their cribs rather quickly but in this case that's OK. Once your baby princess is ready for a mere additional $47,000 you can always upgrade her to their Fantasy Coach Princess toddler bed!

Blu Ivy Carter ,000 Crib

The Gold Plated Bling Pram
British pram manufacturers Silver Cross have been around for decades and their traditionally styled baby transporters are favorites of royalty and common celebrities alike.Their Gold Plated pram, which is sold at the fancy London store Harrods, takes pram luxury to a whole new level though.

The outside of the pram is plated with real gold while the lining is made of luxurious ermine (the same stuff that the Queen of England has on her ceremonial robes) in a deep blue color. The posh pram also comes with a built in sound system that gently pumps out soothing lullabies to calm baby as he or she is paraded around in style. The pram is actually something of a bargain - if you are the type who might buy a gold plated pram - at just £6,000 (about $10,000)

Gold Plated Pram

The Ultimate Teddy Bear by Gund
If parents are going to spend $10,000 on a baby pram then no ordinary teddy bear could possibly be allowed to accompany baby inside it. Fortunately well known toy manufacturers Gund have that covered with their $10,000 Snuffles Bear.

Snuffles Bear Gund

The Organic Alpaca Wool White Bear
Whose fur is made from 100% organic and natural alpaca wool - has Tahitian pearls for eyes and a real 10 carat gold diamond encrusted necklace around its teddy neck as well!

Ultimate Gund Teddy Bear


The Diamond Encrusted Pacifier
Any parent who has ever spent a frantic few minutes trying to calm a baby down while trying to find the pacifier that they have lost someplace may wonder why anyone in their right mind - rich or not - would pay $17,000 for one. Rumor has it though that Brangelina did when they purchased an exclusive diamond encrusted white gold pacifier for daughter Shiloh when she was a baby.

Diamond Encrusted Pacifier

Gucci Baby Sling
Just because you are a new Mom does not have to mean you lose your sense of style. Fortunately Gucci understand the needs of fabulous new Moms and offer a branded $600 baby sling in the company's traditional sedate brown use for the purpose of keeping baby close. Fans of this useful accessory have included Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie and actually, when you look at the rest of the items on the list this one just might be a bit of a bargain!

Gucci Baby Sling 3 Items Set