'The Casual Vacancy' Adult Book by J.K. Rowling Coming Soon!

September 14th, 2012 | Books | books, harry potter, joan k. rowling

The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling

Now that J.K. Rowling is done sweeping the nation with her Harry Potter series, it seems she is set to try to take the adult population by storm. As she abandons her childish ways, September 27 marks a new venture for Rowling and it has everyone wondering, can this bestselling author cross the threshold and have the same success with the adult genre as she did with the younger folks? It's early yet, but some are already speculating on her upcoming book 'The Casual Vacancy.'

As of the 27th, 2 million copies of her adult book are slated to be released in The U.S., as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and of course, the UK. The novel will also be available via an electronic edition for tech savvy people.

True to her roots, this novel is set in a quaint English town among a very important election after the former parish member, Barry Fairweather, dies without notice. The town is idyllic and pleasantly called Pagford, with an apparent back drop of cobblestoned streets. But not all is kosher in the town and the residents come across their own crosses to bear. It seems that in the wake of the young man's death and with all the stress and hype of the new election, everyone in this town is at war with each other.

The rich are battling the poor, teens are jousting with parents and apparently once happy couples are finding themselves at odds and in precarious situations. Even the teachers can't seem to keep their once eager and brilliant students in control. The question posed to readers is who will come out on top when all is said and done? And will anyone care?

Since the book has not been released yet and only a select few have read it (mainly her publisher and perhaps a friend or two) not much can be said in the way of how this book fares, though her publisher Michael Pietsch was quoted as saying, 'I expect the world to be ecstatic at the range of her imaginative reach.' Of course this is entirely plausible, as she remains one of the most imaginative and accomplished authors this decade has seen, and undoubtedly she has millions of fans globally that will buy her book.

What has been making buzz as everyone awaits its release it the novel's cover. Admittedly, it is quite dull and rather unexpected coming from Rowling; this one is not as striking as the Potter covers. The cover is essentially all red, with a yellow thin border and right in the center has a small box with a big, black X in it, obviously signifying a voting ballot. While it may be fitting for the plot, it leaves little to be desired and since there are few other details to discuss surrounding what's inside the book, people are finding ways to entertain themselves about the cover.

While some such as Perez Hilton cite the book's simplistic cover as refreshing and smart, others think otherwise, almost annoyed that there seems to have been no thought in the process. But Rowling insists there was thought and her followers support that stating that the cover was envisioned by Rowling and it should speak to the subtle mysteries that await inside.

Overall, while it doesn't seem like everyone is impatient regarding its release, it is predicted that millions will buy it simply because it is Rowling. Truth be told, she has extensive, sometimes unrecognized talent for plot and story direction as well as character development, so it would be surprising if this book epically failed.

Though The Harry Potter series was technically written for children, much of its content still dealt with adult or pre-teen issues and central themes, so it is likely that Rowling will transition quite easily into the adult genre.