On the threshold of the Cannes Film Festival 2012

April 29th, 2012 | Movies | film festival


It's that time of year again for the Cannes Film Festival. This year the 65th Annual film festival is being Held from May 16th to May 27th, 2012 with the President of the Jury being Nanni Moretti. The lineup has been announced and includes an adaptation of Jack Kerouac's novel 'On the Road', which showcases talent including Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart. Both films are competing for the Palme d'Or award with other new films from the Cannes Film Festival favorites.

There is good news for young Twilight fans in that Kristen Stewart’s co-star Robert Pattison will be attending as well. He stars in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, which is based on a Don DeLillo novel. This could be the battle of the vampires when Stewart and Pattison face off. In addition you can expect other widely known stars like Brad Pitt to be in attendance as well.

Some of the lineup includes films like:

  • Cosmopolis
  • The Paperboy
  • Reality
  • Amour
  • Lawless
  • The Angel's Share
  • Beyond the Hills
  • Mud
  • Vous N'Avez Encore Rien Vu
  • On the Road
  • Jagten
  • Post Tenebras Lux
  • Like someone in Love
  • Do-nui mat
  • Da-reun na-ra-e-suh
  • Killing them softly

Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom is set to open the Cannes Film Festival. This is Anderson’s first film since his 2009 adaptation of Fantastic Mr. Fox. The stars include Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, and Bill Murray. With a star studded cast it’s sure to impress everyone. This year’s Cannes Film Festival showcases such a wide variety of film genres that there is fun for everyone. It’s going to make for a difficult decision though in choosing the winners. Stay tuned to find out who makes it on top, and which vampire comes out winning.