'American Reunion' Movie Review

April 23rd, 2012 | Movies | movie review


This movie is long-awaited this year, it also takes the 1st place of our 5 comedies can’t-miss in 2012. Let’s see is the movie worth watching? The plot is quite predictable. When all participants of high-school comedy reunited 13 years later, they decided to return their good old days, remember what happened to them in the past and this is what the plot of the movie 'American Reunion' is about. You will see Jason Biggs in the role of horndog Jim, Chris Klein in the rock of Oz and Seann William Scott playing Stifler. Eugene Levy plays the Dad of Jim in the film.

One of the critics of Tribune named the film 'a tired sequel'. Michael Philips asserts that it is easy to predict what will happen next, even if some person who does not know the plot of this particular film. He also called editing and cinematography a hack work with many close-ups therefore the film can’t be called a good comedy.

Another critic from Washington Post expressed the view that the film is not funny and is much worse than its predecessors. He considers that it is pleasure to observe old characters on the screen together but upon the whole can’t be characterized positively for its humor that is often inappropriate.

The journalist of the New York Times makes the comparison of the film with the real situation when former classmates meet after many years and feel awkward. The same is felt in American Reunion. You can’t keep from feeling uncomfortable when you experience nostalgia for the past and at the same time relief comes to you because those days are in the past. This strange mixture is felt in this film in his opinion.

As Claudia Puig from USA Today asserts that the fiasco of the film influences the first film too making it silly. The spark of youth has disappeared in it.

The article of Wesley Morris in Boston Globe says that writers and directors failed to make the new film so funny and it became infectious. Amy Biancolli from Hearst did not like the fact the film is not dynamic and nothing happens in it. There is no character who seems to enjoy what is happening in it while Chicago Sun-Times wrote that the film was made by entering cross-references to earlier films. The similar reviews were published in different mass media.