10 Interesting Facts About Dakota Fanning


Being only 18 years old, Dakota Fanning has already played more than 40 roles in the TV series and movies.  Dakota has been very talented from childhood. Born in the sport family of ex-baseball player and ex-tennis player, she wasn't expected to become an actress, but her passion and extraordinary skills were noticed by the teachers of a theater school, who recommended her parents to find an agent for their 5 year old daughter.

Together with her parents Fanning spent 6 weeks in LA and made a TV debut in the Tide commercial. At the age of 6 she got her first small movie role in the episode of Emergency Room TV series playing a girl who survived in a car crash.

Having played another few roles in TV series (Ally McBeal, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Practice and others) she signed a contract with a professional agency and finally received her first big movie role in the picture 'Tomcats' (2001).

Later the same year she was chosen among hundreds of other girls to play the main role in a film 'I Am Sam' and share a movie set with Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer.  The whole movie team was amused by her realistic and emotional playing.

After 'I Am Sam' Dakota's career went high and she started receiving propositions from famous directors.  In 2002 she worked with Charlize Theron ('Trapped'), Reese Witherspoon ('Sweet Home Alabama') and even got one of her most memorable roles in 'Taken' movie, directed by Steven Spielberg.

In another few years she has been working alongside with such Hollywood stars as Mike Myers, Brittany Murphy, Denzel Washington, and Robert De Niro while her playing was highly estimated by critics.

In 2005 she appeared in the picture 'War of the worlds' which brought her huge popularity. Starred side by side with Tom Cruise she managed to keep abreast with such a remarkable actor. The critics called her playing excellent.

One of the last works of Dakota Fanning is The Twilight Saga, one of the most popular romantic movies of the last years.

Due to her outstanding talent and professionalism the young actress can boast more than 15 movie awards in different nominations.