Tom Hanks Success Secrets

October 5th, 2011 | Celebrities | tom hanks


What are the secrets of Tom Hanks' success? Let us ask the actor himself about it first. Tom Hanks considers that the main thing was to show up on time, to be able to say the right things and to have understanding of the character you are going to play. That brought Tom Hanks to success in his opinion. When he acts as a director he expects the same skills from his actors though it is very difficult as he assures. Right words and right timing are, certainly, important factors, but sometimes we do not notice the force that drives us forward. Let us look for these strings that can pull the person to the red carpet.


Tom Hanks started playing in college when he participated in production of "Our town". He had a class of Drama in performance at that time. The students read books and then played the characters. That experience was very important for Tom Hanks. The actor said that it seemed to him then that he was left alone with the play. He played not to please somebody (to impress the girl, for example), but he played for the sake of good acting. This was the approach that made him a real actor.


The real actor is never afraid to look ugly on the screen. Those who do, never achieve big success. Have you noticed that this is in the way of many beautiful actresses who cherish their beauty so much that they are unable to play brilliantly?


Tom Hanks says that acting was never a job for him and this is one more receipt of success on a big screen. You love acting with all your heart, you are unable to live without it.

Tom Hanks liked theater and film equally, but the sensations were different. He said that it was the theatre, which provided potential possibilities for Tom Hanks, while the movies seemed abstract for the actor. He did not even dream about career on the big screen. He started playing because he could not imagine himself in different environment.  Working as a bellman in the hotel he went from one audition to another. This is what he did in his spare time.


His drive to acting was so strong that he eventually succeeded. He managed to get the job in Hollywood and immediately became a full-time actor.


Having revealed his talent in innocent comedies (Big, Splash), he decided to play more serious characters. One of the first roles of this kind was the role of homosexual attorney in Philadelphia (1993) that was a difficult character. Tom Hanks was over thirty then and he did not want to play young immature boys any longer. Older characters – people, who faced challenges in life, were of interest to him. He chose 'men of bitter compromise' roles as the actor put it. He always did what he liked and that helped him to break from the circle of similar roles though this is the problem of many actors. Therefore he was never disappointed and always did his best.


In addition to this all, Tom Hanks is also successful in his private life. He has been successfully married to Rita Wilson since 1998. 'You just have to find the right woman' – this is what Tom says on the reason for his success.