Oprah Show Sexiest Guests

September 26th, 2011 | TV | oprah, show


The show of Oprah Winfrey, a queen of daytime television, can boast of plenty sexy guests and it is difficult to say who is the sexiest. Big-name celebrities often appear in her episodes. But frankly speaking nobody of them is the bigger star than this amazing woman. May be she is not so sexy as Angelina Jolie who took part in her show, but no less popular. Trying to make the list of the sexiest guests of Oprah's show we've chosen Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyoncé, Dakota Fanning, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom.


Oprah talked with Madonna a few times and each time Madonna was irresistible. In one of her interviews she told nothing in the material world would make us happy. These words of her popular hit sound as her motor. Today this amazing woman is more than a pop icon, she is a legend. People find her to be courageous and fearless. It is true. But apart from it, Madonna is one of the most beautiful and the sexiest women in the world. Though, as most women she does not like the way she looks and says her legs are fat. Can you find a woman who likes the way she looks?


The other sexy woman who was a guest of Oprah is Jenifer Lopez. She has been an actress, an American Idol, a singer, a model. But first of all, it is a breathtaking woman and mother of nice twins. She looks sexy even in jeans and running shoes. In her interview to Oprah she told she was a mom, she worked, she wanted comfort, but she also wanted to feel sexy as most women wanted.


own Sasha Fierce known as Beyoncé visited Oprah's show in 2008. Do you know how the New York Times calls her? It calls her "the woman with everything" and they are right! There are only two men in our list, but how sexy they are!


No woman can resist a rapier glance of Orlando Bloom and smile of Tom Cruise! The list of the sexy men-guests could be endless, but Tom Cruise is one of the favorites guests of Oprah. It is certain. May be someone may add  to this list more sexy guests of the Oprah's show. It would be great!