Top 10 Old School Country Singers

August 22nd, 2011 | Music | country, singers


Country music is like a soul of nation. It makes our hearts to beat faster and nobody fails be moved by it. Who are the best country singers of all time? The list an be very long, but we confine ourselves to the list of top 10 country singers. Our list is based on our preferences, and such things as album sales, and of course, popularity of the singers.

Well, the first in our list is Johnny Cash. Somebody may say it must be Hank Williams and they would be absolutely right, if we took into consideration only popularity of the artist. Without doubt, Hank Williams had a corner in lots of hearts thanks to its hits and especially thanks to his 'Love Sick Blues.' In 1940s he became a leader of the new movement, called as honky-tonk. His amazing songwriting and mesmerizing performances insured slashing success. He became an icon for many fans of country music and artists.


The third in our list is Merle Haggard who run away from his competitor Jimmie Rodgers (the fourth place).


Jimmie Rodgers is known as a Father of country music. He blended country music with jazz and was the first country singer who got into the Hall of Fame. For six years he set the world of country music alight and became the idol for many popular country singers, including Johny Cash, Hank Williams, Gene Autry and Ernest Tubb who was beloved by millions of country music fans. As for Merle Haggard, his songs are simple, but they touch the heart. This is the most influential modern songwriter.


Patsy Cline and Bill Monroe take the fifth and the sixth places respectively.



Carter Family is the seventh while Willie Nelson known for his great voice is the eighth.


Unique style makes Willie  Nelson one of the greatest singers and his song "Always on My Mind" gives no peace to many singers. But no one succeeded to leave him behind.


And the last singers in our list are Waylon Jennings and George Jones.