The Big bang Theory Sweet Couples - Sheldon and Amy, and Leonard and Penny

April 27th, 2011 | TV | the big bang theory, tv show


American sitcom Big Bang Theory, which premiered four years ago, remains until now the highest rated show on the CBS channel. The fourth season has not disappointed again and presented new twists which aroused discussions among audience.

The first episode of the fourth season tells about robotic arm possibilities and the plot centers over awkward situation Howard gets into when robotic arm make a massage for him. It unexpectedly stops working and the fun of the situation is around it. The friends mock at him, solving eventually his little problem in the hospital. In later episodes of the season the relationship of Howard and Bernadette becomes serious and Howard. However, two sweet couple's relationships – Sheldon and Amy, Leonard and Penny, are under close attention. We all are concerned what comes of it.


Sheldon seems to be very compatible with Amy. They communicate, play and understand each other perfectly. They even devised the game 'counter-factual,' which is not clear to other participants. The relationship of Sheldon and Amy remains on the intellectual level and they are just friends, but this point is frequently discussed, so there is every chance that the relationship will move to another level in the future…


The key point of the fourth season is about the growing relationship between Leonard and Raj's sister Priya. She is seriously disposed to change Leonard's lifestyle and though Leonard is happy to have a smart, brilliant and beautiful lady beside, this is a matter of concern because Priya is too pushy. This creates some discomfort as she wants to remove Penny from Leonard's life. The awkward brainier does not know what to do about hot blond ex... If it goes on like this Leonard will lose his patience in spite of the fact that Priya is gorgeous. It looks as if Penny and Leonard will be together after all according to the opinions of many viewers.

Let's see what what happens next… Buy the way what about cute couple Sheldon and Penny together?