The Godfather Trilogy - Why We Adore These Movies?

November 13th, 2010 | Movies | godfather, movie, review


The main character of the first movie Don Vito Corleone played by Marlon Brando is the most problematical, extraordinary and interesting personality. He’s the head (the Godfather) of one of the biggest mafia clans in America, but after the end of the Second World War, his power noticeably weakens. Don Vito is an example of fair-dealing, reasonable but very cruel person, who believes that family is the most important thing in life.

Since he refused to join the other mafia families in very profitable drug business, the bloody struggle, which will last for many years, starts between them. Corleone gets shot, but remains alive. His son Sonny takes his stand as the head of the mafia family while Vito’s being treated at the hospital.

Another difficult movie character is Michael – Don’s youngest son, played by Al Pacino. He came back from war without any desire to take part in mafia business, preferring to live his own life. But after an attempt on his father’s life, he feels that he must help and protect his family. When his elder brother Sonny is killed, it is him, who takes up all the duties. Soon Vito dies from heart attack and Michael’s people kill five main mafia heads.


In the second part of trilogy he becomes the main figure of the mafia family, which now lives in Nevada and tries to lead the law-abiding way of life. But old deals don’t allow them to do this. Carleone’s family strikes into the center of plot and betrayal. In order to save his family Michael leaves all his scraps of moral principles and sees no more obstacles on his way. He even kills his own brother for betrayal and shows no mercy to his enemies.


The third and the last part of the movie saw the world in 1990 after eighteen years since the premiere of the first Godfather. Michael is looking for his successor since his own son has no potential in business. And he finds him. Vincento Carleone, Sonny’s illegitimate son has all the qualities, which are necessary for the next Godfather: charisma, character and resolution. They are both complicated in a new battle against mafia clans and now it’s even more dreadful.

The Godfather I got three Oscars, seven Golden Globes and many other awards. It has a title of the best movie of 1973 and holds the second place in the list of 100 American best films ever. It is considered to be the most successful and popular among the three parts of the trilogy. The Godfather Part II also got the Oscar as the best movie and critics called it the brilliant continuation of the first movie. The Godfather Part III became the only part, which didn’t get the Best movie Oscar award, but it was nominated in seven categories, which means that the film repeated the success of its predecessors.

The main reason why we adore these films so much is in their genius actors play, exciting plot and distinguished direction of Francis Ford Coppola, who seemed to work at every detail, trying to show as more aspects of the movie as possible. Amid violence, cruelty the trilogy shows us the thing that is the most precious in the life of each person – its family.