David Hasselhoff Autobiography Book - What New You Can Read About the Actor?

November 11th, 2010 | Books | autobiography, david hasselhoff, making waves


David Hasselhoff 'Making waves' autobiography is not just a simple book of the famous American actor’s memories. Of course it contains information about his childhood, his first steps in acting career and how he became a famous actor. He’s speaking about his role as Michael Knight in Knight Rider and his Baywatch TV show, which made David very successful and brought him wide popularity. He also mentions about his career as a pop singer and shares a secret of the way he could combine so many occupations at the same time.

The reader can find out some details of Hasselhoff’s private life, since the author doesn’t hide the interesting facts from his previous unhappy marriages. He frankly talks about his failures in his personal life, alcohol problems and fears to get to the jail, lose his career, friends’ respect and spend the rest of his life alone.


Hasselhoff often uses such words as fame, love, God and tries to explain what they mean to him. He says that he felt two sides of fame. The first is when, looking at your life, you know that you achieved everything you wanted: you are famous, recognized and loved. But then the dark side comes, when you can’t even eat in the restaurant without someone’s starring or interrupting you. According to the author, despite constantly being in public, surrounded by people, he still felt himself miserable and lonely, despite the world-wide success he still was unhappy… The emptiness inside him brought the famous actor to a deep personal crisis. And with God’s help he overcame all his problems, he learned how to always go forward, think positive and find the one right answer for him – love. And he wants the readers to learn the same things.

David Hasselhoff believes that everyone has a choice, but sometimes we make the wrong choices, the easiest ones, and only God will help us to find the right way. The actor hopes that this book will teach the readers how to believe in yourself and never give up.