Multi-talented Katy Perry Popularity Secrets

November 3rd, 2010 | Music | katy perry, singer


Playful and confident, energetic and bright and always unpredictable – these are the qualities that can describe this multi-talented singer, songwriter and actress. She is so different, but what is important that she is very sincere no matter what she does. The same is in music. Her songs present a mixture of different elements: of club and pop, rock music, provocation and humor and the result is the unique product of inimitable. Katy Perry who is compared with different performers, but she does not pay attention to it. She has an audience and is happy with it. Katy reflects her emotions in songs and it is felt by her fans therefore she is popular.


Born in the religious family she did not know much of secular music but since she heard it once she couldn’t stop from that moment. That was too overwhelming for her. Queen and Freddie Mercury produced the biggest influence upon her. She decided to become a singer at 15 and 2 years later she met the producer, who assisted her to climb to the top. Her single 'I kissed a girl' became a breakthrough thanks after several ups and downs already. She was able to smash charts with her pop album 'One of the Boys.' This way the international success came to her. She conquered hearts of fans from 20 countries. She is awarded with titles, invited to television, she is a recognized bright actress and was a judge of American Idol, but not everything is so cloudless for Katy Perry.

Her albums are not sold now as were expected earlier. This is strange how major hits the singer released were not developed into big album sales. As some consider the singer is overexposed. Her songs were everywhere and many learnt them by heart therefore there is no necessity to acquire something that is known already.

All heard 'California Girls' and 'Teenage Dream.' In spite of being overexposed, the album was bought by 192,000 people, who love what she does. So the drop in sales is explained not by the fact that she is not liked by the audience but by huge popularity, by songs which are liked by radio programmers and became ideal advertisement for her. They were too effective to sell the album.