Would You Dare To Bare It Almost All For Boudoir Photos?

July 2nd, 2013 | Arts | photography

Wedding Party Boudoir Shoot

The concept of boudoir photography is not new, ladies have been glamming up for intimate photos to gift their significant other for some time now. However, the trend is extending beyond the solo glamour shot for a Valentines Day gift or a pre-wedding treat and in a big way.

The Wedding Party Glamour Shot

The latest trend to hit the sexy photo industry is to spend part of one's hen night celebrations posing for boudoir photos with your bridesmaids. For those ladies who have bowed to the trend so far they say it is all about the female bonding experience rather than titillation for male friends. Personally we prefer the more traditional bonding over champagne, Jello shots and a male stripper, but each to their own!

The Pregnancy Glamour Shot

Couple Maternity Boudoir Shoot

Demi Moore has a lot to answer for. Since she appeared heavily pregnant sans clothing on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991 dozens of celebrity Mamas to be have followed in her footsteps and now it has become a big trend for everyday women as well. This is the one time that guys can get in on a boudoir shoot, as couples photography in this niche is becoming the norm. In fact, maternity boudoir pictures are becoming more and more popular and for some photographers they are now providing a sole source of income!

Preparing for a Glamour Shoot

So what if you do decide that some form of boudoir photo session is something you would like to try? We all know that professional models have an army stylists (and a number of geeks who are very handy with Photoshop) to help them look their best every time they step in front of a camera, but since most regular women are expected to show up at the photo studio well prepared already just how do you go about doing that? Here are a few tips from some pro boudoir photographers:

The Clothing

Dita Von Teese

The idea behind any boudoir shoot is not that it be a Hustler style nude shoot but that it be tasteful and alluring. In other words think Dita Von Teese and not Pamela Anderson. And, according to the professionals, taking a look at Ms. Von Teese's wardrobe is not a bad idea when planning your outfit, for a non maternity shoot anyway. She is the mistress of being uber - sexy without showing it all, and one of her particular favorites, the corset, does tend to be very flattering on many women.

Other good options include an over-sized mens white shirt, just a pair of jeans (to be photographed with a strategically placed hand) and for pregnant ladies, a simple white sheet.

Shoes are, to be frank, as important to a boudoir shoot as the clothes are. The advantage you have here is that there is very little actual walking around to be done, so those sky high stilettos that you could never pull off in real life will actually work in this situation.

Hair and Makeup

Many photographers do have a stylist on hand (for an extra charge) but if you are left to do your own styling do experiment before hand to make sure that you get it just right. This is where a few 'selfies' will come in handy so that you can judge how well your look comes across on camera as well as in the mirror. It is worth remembering that many glamour shots actually look best in black and white, so concentrating on your eyes rather than a lip color that will not actually show up may be the way to go.

Choosing a Photographer

Boudoir photography - really good stuff anyway - is not cheap, so it will pay to shop around before you book a session. As well as taking the time to review a photographer's portfolio of work, which you can usually do online, do speak to them as well, to try to decide if this is a person you can really be fairly at ease spending an hour or more half naked in front of!